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Kanishak Kataria IAS, Anudeep Durishetty IAS, Nandini KR IAS, Tina Dabi IAS & many other toppers have read below books to top the exam. 
Only Below 10 books is enough to top the civil services exam..read them again and again. 
Start preparation as soon as possible. 

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Q.What are the books that an IAS aspirant should read?
Answer by Dr. Roman Saini IAS
-Not more than 10 books are needed to get a top 10 rank in this examination. If anyone has more than 30-40 books, more often than not, he will not get selected.
The 5 absolute must are:
1.Indian polity by Laxmikanth
2.GC LEONG for geography
3.SANJEEV VERMA for economics
4.A brief history of modern India by spectrum
5. 6-10 class NCERTs of all the related topics like science, geography, social sciences etc. 11-12 class NCERTs (art and culture, modern history among others), read selective chapters.
Apart from these five sources, you DONT need to purchase any book. There is a lot of other material which one needs to read selectively though.
-Selective reading of economic survey.
-Environment and ecology notes by Shankar IAS
-International relations of Vajiram
-The Hindu daily
-Yojana every month
-Lexicon/G Subba Rao for ethics
-Small topics like disaster management, security, irrigation, left wing extremism, cyber security can be covered from internet sources like Mrunal, Wikipedia, Unacademy - The Free Education Revolution!
Solve PYQs from Upsc website (5-10 years).
Get some MCQ booklet for practice (can be avoided if you are joining a test series)
*Avoid reading India year book, Manorama year book, Penguin year book, Ostrich year book etc. Waste of time. Cost benefit ratio is bad.
*Take care of your optional, till the time it is not removed by UPSC.
Don't buy any book for CSAT-2, if you are good at it, you won't need it. If you're bad with numbers and reasoning, it won't help.
*Buy how to crack CSE interview book by Madhukar Bhagat.
Don't touch anything else, apart from the above mentioned source.

Please comment your optional name, I will give the booklist for optional also.