Progress Tracker Programme (PTP) for UPSC CSE 2024/25

Under This Programme You Will get

PDFs Books from Amazon Worth Rs 500 (For Free)

Book 1. How to Read History

Book 2. How to Read Polity

Book 3. How to Read Geography

Book 4. How to Read Economics

Book 5. How to Read Environment

4 Black Books PDFs Worth Rs 500 (For Free)

Book 1. Crack UPSC 2024 Black Book ( Book Link )

Book 2. Ancient History Black Book ( Book Link )

Book 3. Medieval History Black Book ( Book Link )

Book 4. Essay Black Book ( Book Link )

Get a 5G phone Under Rs 30000 (For Free)

We will choose any random student who is regular in Study.

Note: If you will fill Attendance sheet to win a Phone. Then you will not be awarded the Phone.

We will regularly call the students and we will ask questions from the Books. If your performance will be good then our team will randomly choose students from this category.

UPSC Previous Year Questions Practise App Worth Rs 20000 (For Free)

Solve UPSC Prelims PYQs for Free and Increase your chance to clear UPSC Prelims in 1st Attempt. You will get this app for free under this programme.

1 Year Attendance Sheet Worth Rs 10000 (For Free)

An attendance sheet is a tool used to keep track of a student’s daily attendance. It will help you to follow the timetable properly and you can’t clear the exam without following a proper timetable. So this sheet will help you a lot in your preparation.

1-Year Plan for UPSC CSE 2024 Worth Rs 2 Thousand (For Free)

Mains 2024 Progress Tracker Sheet Worth 5000 (For Free)

Prelims Progress Tracker Sheet Worth Rs 1000 (For Free)

2011 – 2022 UPSC Prelims Trends Worth Rs 9000 (For Free)

One to One Guidance on WhatsApp Worth Rs 10,000 (For Free)

Total Value: ₹98,212

Only ₹2,997

₹ 499

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What Is Progress Tracker Programme ?

➢ Progress Tracker Programme is an initiative which is started by Exammap for UPSC IAS EXAM PREPARATION.

➢ It is a supervision programme, We will supervise you, either you are preparing in right direction or not for Civil Services Exam.

Who Can Join Progress Tracker Programme?

➢ If you are preparing for Civil Services Exam, then you can join our batch.

It will help you.

What’s the guarantee that I can clear exam after joining Progress Tracker Programme  programme?

➢ It is a proper guidance programme. We will guide – until you clear the exam. we will guide all those candidates on each steps of the preparation. Whatever you are reading for the exam daily, you have to inform us on whatsapp, telegram or through email on daily basis.

➢ So, In this way we will track you.

I have already joined coaching class, So why should I join Progress Tracker Programme?

➢ No problem, If you have joined any class, then still you can join Progress Tracker Programme. We will guide you according to your coaching scheudle.

What are the other guidance except materials which I will get under Progress Tracker Programme  programme?

➢ We will give you daily, weekly and monthly task.

➢ And we will tell you the whole process and procedures, so that you can clear the exam easily..

➢ You can follow your own schedule or you can follow our routine.

➢ We will tell the right approach to read newspaper, ncert books, notes making process, answer writing tips, etc.

➢ We will analyse your daily, whatever topics you will read, you have to send the pictures of that topic to us.

➢ In this way, you will study properly.

Is this programme only for UPSC IAS  PRELIMS?

➢ No, Not only for Prelims, but This programme is for all stages of exam preparation including prelims, mains and interview.

➢ Even, We will arrange mock test interviews for you, in which IAS Or IPS will take your Interview.

➢ I am new, I haven’t prepared for UPSC   IAS EXAM earlier, Will I get a chance to   join this Progress Tracker Programme programme?

➢ Your most Welcome in this programme, If you are really interested to clear UPSC IAS EXAM. we will guide you from the basics.

➢ we will tell everything related to current affairs, test series, important books and many more…

I have attempted UPSC IAS EXAM many  times, But I am unable to clear, Sometime prelims, sometime mains, Should I join this course?

➢ Yes, You can also join the course, we will analyze you, we will see, why you are unable to clear UPSC IAS exam, then we will modify you and we will give you a good shape as per exam demand.

➢ In the 1st Phone Call, we will talk with you in detail, we will find the reason and mistake due to which you are unable to clear the exam.

Can I join it, If I am doing any Job or  I  am  doing other study also like B. Tech / M.  Tech or other course?

➢ If you can give 4 hours a day on UPSC IAS EXAM PREPARATION, then you can join the programme.

What is the right time to join Progress Tracker Programme?

➢ 3 months are enough to clear UPSC IAS Prelims exam, So you can join 3 months before prelims.

➢ But, Join as early as possible.

➢ Don’t take risk and wait till Last time.

Will I get daily study plan under Progress Tracker Programme?

➢ Some aspirants have job, while other have to attend coaching/class.

➢ So, We will frame your schedule as per your comfort zone.

➢ You will get daily, weekly, monthly and yearly target under Progress Tracker Programme programme.

➢ Whatever you are reading daily, you have to inform us, either on whatsapp or telegram.

Still any Query?

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Total Value: ₹98,212

Only ₹2,997


For Limited Time

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